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Not just another bedding company.

So many times we hear retailers say they don’t know what’s going on with their bedding sales.  They can’t find the right approach or the right product to increase the furniture sale and hopefully increase the profit line.  The reason lies in the very basic understanding that many new moms don’t want a cookie cutter nursery.   They want something different from their neighbors nursery down the street.  They have their own  idea or dream of what the room should look like and the retailer isn’t offering what  they have dreamed of.  Therefore... lost sale to the retailer.

 This is a special time in the life’s of new parents.  When you help them fulfill their wants and desires, their dreams, guess who now makes the sale?  What has happen now is the retailer has moved from the ordinary seller of a product ,  just trying to make a sale,  to the fulfiller of dreams.  It puts the retailer way above their competition.  Now the retailer doesn’t have to worry about the online store, that sells for less, or the retailer across town underselling you on some basic bedding group.  You are now as the saying goes, in the drivers seat.  All of a sudden you don’t have competition, you are the competition.  All of a sudden your profit line jumps.    

For thirty four years  both in the retail and wholesale venues, we have been fulfilling dreams for excited new mothers.  We don’t just sew nursery coordinates, we are dream weavers. Weaving together the ideas, desires, dreams, creations, feelings of someone’s inner thoughts and wishes.  Our artisans and craftsman work to bring together  the fabrics, colors, textures, and styles for that ultimate nursery creation, all within the framework of CPSC voluntary standards for safety.  Safety is a must in what we do.  We, as a company, want to fulfill someone’s dreams  but in the confines of safety first.  This has been our underlying mission for years, not to be the same old, same old, bedding company. Catch the idea of extra sales and profits.

Simple Stuff, by our very name, has put together a simple, uncomplicated, workable system that is easy to manage, profitable, and makes the dreams of retailer and consumer come true.  Catch the concept of being a dream weaver yourself. 

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Dealer Support

We try to give the best support in the industry. Our office is open 8 to 5 Monday through Thursday central standard time. Normally closed Friday. If you get our voicemail please leave us a detail message and we will return your call asap.

Training you and your sales staff is a very important mission for us. If your staff feels comfortable with Simple Stuff, fabrics, forms, pricing, personal, etc, then you will very likely make the sale. We offer phone conference training for one or fifty and will be happy to spend time with the new employee to bring them up to speed. We are available at any time to answer the simplest of questions. We can help with design, matching fabrics, COM fabrics, construction, you name it. If your customer wants something different from what we offer normally, you can draw us a picture, fax or email, and we will quote the cost for you. When it comes down to you making the sale we will do our best for you. Service is one of our missions. Check with any existing
dealer and see what they say. How can we serve you?

Our listing of retail dealers will have a link to your website of facebook page,
driving the customer to you.

After we receive your order we will send you a acknowledgment listing how you wish your order made. Please check this when you receive it for accuracy as this is how your order will be constructed.
If you are interested in wholesale, please contact us at 800-835-2229
E-mail us from the Contact Us page.
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